By referring to Regents Mandate No. 263 year 2016, issued in December 19 2016, regarding the organization in charge and management structure for the Raja Ampat Geopark, The Geopark shall be managed by a group of stakeholders consisting the representatives from local government and community. The Regent of Raja Ampat will be the person in charge for the Geopark. Within the operation, the Regent will be assisted by some advisors; the advisors with the capability and knowledge regarding sustainable economical development will be the Vice Regent and the Region Secretary. The advisors are assigned to give insights and ideas in solving problems that may occur during the operation of the Geopark.

Coordination Committee consist of the Chairman and the Vice Chairman are the daily organizers. In accordance to their experience, they have the capacity regarding to the local development through tourism and conservatory of geological heritage. The main assignment for the Coordination Committee is to run the Geopark action plans based on deliberation and mutual agreement between the stakeholders. In running the assignment, the Coordination Committee shall be assisted by Experts coming from various background and disciplines that hold positions in local government including representatives from the local community.

Besides having expertise in governmental field, maritime and fisheries, agriculture, forestry, and geology, these experts must have broad regional insights and outlook. The experts are responsible in strengthen the development of the Geopark by providing insights and assessment.

The Raja Ampat Geopark has a secretariat that is responsible to coordinate the spread of information regarding the management and the operation of the Geopark . Programs and action plans of the Geopark is managed by a Technical Commission consists of the Commission of Development, Commission of Promotion, Commission of Conservation, Commission of Community Empowerment, and the Commission of Investment and Cooperation. The integrated Technical Committee are representatives from related agencies and business.

The Duties and Responsibilities of the Technical Committee includes :

  1. The Commission of Development is responsible in making actions plan regarding the further development of the Geopark.
  2. The Commission of Promotion is responsible in doing promotional activities for the Geopark locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.
  3. The Commission of Conservation is responsible in providing recommendation towards geological, biological, and cultural heritage within the Geopark area which existence need to be protected and preserved.
  4. The Commission of Community Empowerment is responsible in raising awareness among the local community and other stakeholders.
  5. The Commission of Investment and Cooperation is responsible to raise investment and cooperation with related parties in the Geopark development programs.

Each Commission has a coordinator and a few members.

The leading Unit of the Geopark are the partners coming from the community groups. They are the community groups from Teluk Kabui, Piainemo, Waisai, Wayag, Salawati Utara, Mansuar, and Teluk Mayalibit. Further, we will also partner with community groups live in Misool.

Abdul Faris Umlati, SE

Responsible Person

Dr. Yusuf Salim, M.Si


Ir. Wahab Sangadji


Ir. Abdul Rahman Wairoy, M.Ec, Dev.


Yusdi N. Lamatenggo, S.Pi, M.Si

General Manager

M. Hanif Fikri, S.S, M.Par


Ellen Risamasu, ST

Specialist on Tourism

Juariah Saifuddin, SE, MM

Specialist on Education and Culture

Djalali, S.Sos

Specialist on Local Economy

Ria Umlati, SE

Specialist on SMEs and Cooperatives

Albert Kaihatu

Specialist on Climate Change

and Natural Hazard

Marthen L. R. Bartolomeus, M.Ec.Dev

Specialist on Environmental Services

Syafri, S.Pi

Specialist on Marine Conservation Area

Meidiarti Kasmidi

Specialist on Community Empowerment

Klasina D. Rumbekwan, SS. M.Ec.Dev

Specialist on Promotion

Petrus Rabu, S.Fil

Coordinator Secretariat

Jarrich R. Haulussy, ST

Secretariat Member

Pedro Yohanes Kawer, SE

Secretariat Member

Kurniawan, SS

Secretariat Member

Guntur Tamima, ST


Abdul Muis

Staff on Climate Change and Natural Hazard


Specialist on Promotion

Stefany Arwakon

Specialist on Community Empowerment

Esma Aipassa

Speciaist on Regional Development

Wawan Mangile

Marine Scientist

Valdo D Patty

Resident Geologist

Ana R Septiana


and Data Analyst

Novi Salim, ST


Maya Puspa Dewi


Merina Burdam

Environmental Service

Fibrian Yusefa Ardi

Administrator - Digital Content

Nurdana Pratiwi

Administrator - Livelihood

Arsul Latul Rahman

Administrator - Copywriting

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