Raja Ampat continues to strive to preserve its earth heritage. Geological reserve planning has begun, as an effort to preserve its geological heritage. Supporting efforts to conserve megabiodiversity and its ecosystem in Raja Ampat is also carried out, one of which is by making it the basis for the Raja Ampat Geopark master plan. In addition, various festivals are also held, as an effort to preserve cultural heritage.

From far away in Eastern Indonesia, on the equatorial, We Celebrate Earth Heritage and Preserve Local Communities.


Earth was formed approximately 4.5 billion years ago. The rocks exposed in the Raja Ampat Geopark area, which make up the diversity value of the geological heritage, represent almost one tenth of the age of the Earth.


The geological diversity of Raja Ampat forms the wealth of habitats in the area, both terrestrial and marine. This is what makes Raja Ampat has mega-biodiversity and various types of endemic flora and fauna that cannot be found anywhere in the world.


Various indigenous tribes (indigenous people) and immigrants, who later blended into the inhabitants of Raja Ampat (local people) live scattered on the islands of Raja Ampat. This diversity inherits the cultural richness of Raja Ampat, both tangible and intangible.

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